One year after inviting the community to its strategy unveiling event where it shared its vision for more impactful settlement, integration and retention strategy and approach, the Multicultural Agency of the Greater Moncton Area organized the MAGMA Re-Envisioned: One Year event on June 25th, which simply put was: a commitment to more impactful settlement and integration services renewed.

This MAGMA event was a special occasion to reaffirm the agency’s vision and commitment to better, more pertinent and strategic structure, facilities, programming, processes and community connections and partnerships as described by Ron Gaudet, MAGMA Chief Executive Officer.

MAGMA’s CEO’s message was loud and clear; it is all about being intentional and strategic. Gaudet emphasized the importance of building strong and empowered team and fostering pertinent partnerships. While sharing all updates about the organization building, Gaudet made sure to explain how these changes will have an impact on the organization’s efficiency and ability to provide more impactful services that go beyond the essential settlement services that the agency continues to deliver.

“We are proud of where MAGMA is today; we are proud to be working alongside of many community partners to establish the Greater Moncton as a Canadian example of what immigration, integration and retention should, and can, be”, Gaudet added while addressing the event’s attendees.

Lamia Chami, Chair of MAGMA’s Board of Directors, highlighted the importance of this new chapter for MAGMA as well as for the community emphasizing the fact that it is all about building strong and meaningful partnerships with the various stakeholders, “Our commitment to collaboration with community partners and stakeholders has been a cornerstone of our strategy”.

“This past year has been one of growth, diversity, inclusion, and a deep sense of belonging”, Chami added while talking about the exceptional growth the organization has witnessed over the past few years.

About the building and what it means, MAGMA’s Chair added “this new home is not just a building; it is a testament to our dedication to creating a supportive environment for all who seek our services”

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