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Included below are supportive and informative resources. If you have questions or require additional support, please contact our Safe Space team at


Canada is a country of freedom and acceptance. You are free to express and fully embrace your true self. Shine bright!


Violence is unacceptable in Canada. If you are currently experiencing or have been a victim of violence, there is safe, confidential, protective support ready and available for you.


You are not alone.


MOSAÏQ Festival is a multicultural event designed to entertain, promote and foster the values, riches, and benefits of diversity and inclusion. Each year over a two-day period, MOSAÏQ will offer an exciting lineup of programming curated to contribute to the values and conditions that make our region more and more vibrant, dynamic, and inclusive. We aim to bring you the sights, sounds, and flavours of the world that lives within our community for MOSAÏQ festival is all about celebrating the ever-growing cultural fabric of our region. An authentic platform for diversity, MOSAÏQ has something for everyone for it is the Everyone’s Festival.

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