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We began 2023 by deciding to negotiate a long-term lease with 22 Church Street. This was a key locational choice that was based on being truly client centric and committed to the revitalization of our downtown. By end of March this year, we will have over 45,000 square feet of curated building space strategically designed to have all departments within one building, allowing for better department synergies, better collegiality amongst departments, and most importantly better one – stop access for newcomers, hence setting them up for success.

  • Committed to settlement

  • Integration

  • Retention

  • Building stronger communities

In May of 2023, we invited the community in to hear of the MAGMA Future Strategy: Re-Envisioned. We shared our vision for being more impactful and intentional. We renewed our commitment to settlement, integration, and retention as well as our commitment to our community, funders and stakeholders to building stronger, strategic and more impactful partnerships by remaining true to our vision and mission.

on the way to change

Once again, the MOSAÏQ Festival 2023 was successful at demonstrating the awareness and enlightenment that happens within a community as it becomes more diverse, inclusive and equitable. And this year, we are expanding MOSAÏQ Festival from a two-day once-a-year event to a year-long celebration cumulating in a two day festival. So stay tuned as we share this more in detail soon.

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We can’t wait to invite you to visit our home on 22 Church Street, and continue the integration and retention conversation with our partners and stakeholder so to enhance the newcomers’ journey and set them up for a successful start in their new home.

This is just the beginning and we are excited for 2024 to see all the potential that it will bring.

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