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Our childcare services offer a warm, safe, nurturing environment where children can learn, grow and thrive. With a focus on safety, creativity and multiculturalism, an experienced MAGMA team aims to create a positive and enriching experience for every child while their parents can focus on building a better future through education and skill development with the tranquility of knowing their child is being well looked after:

  • Long term care for children whose parents attend language classes ensuring that they can immerse themselves in their studies with a peace of mind knowing their children are well cared for.
  • Short term care is meant for children whose parents participate in workshops or meetings with their settlement counselors; it provides convenient short term care solutions through CNC’s drop-off program allowing children to enjoy our child care services for the day.

Jamee Densmore, Care for Newcomer Children manager

magma re-envisioned: one year later

Over one year ago, MAGMA invited the community to its Re-Envisioned event where the organization shared its vision and strategy for the Path Forward for better and expanded settlement services with the key objective of supporting newcomers as they embark on their journey towards a new life in our region. The organization renewed its commitment to newcomer integration and retention in the region building on an exceptional and rich four-decade long history of welcoming newcomers and setting them up for success, and the invaluable partnerships and support from and within the community.

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