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Whether learning English for the first time or seeking to improve and develop you communication skills in English? MAGMA has something for you. With a variety of English learning programs that are designed the specific language learning needs for newcomers, MAGMA Language School offers:

  • LINC – English Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada Program provides language instructions to newcomers helping them integrate into Canada socially, culturally, and economically. The program curriculum guidelines are designed in alignment with the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) and provides language training to various levels including adult literacy learners. 3-hours Classes are offered in the morning, afternoon and evening, Monday to Friday.
  • Sector-Specific Language Training is an employment-focused program offering training for specific sectors such as childcare assistant, customer care, hospitality to 12-week cohorts.
  • Francophone International Student Retention Program (FISRP/PREi) offers training in English, essential skills for work and networking, career guidance and planning hence providing Francophone international students with the necessary language and communication tools to prepare for the job market or improve their professional skills. The program also supports local employers in their recruitment of employees.
  • English Conversation Circles provide informal online language training through conversational practice for newcomers with beginner and intermediate level and computer skills. English Conversation Circles are offered in the evening on Mondays & Thursdays with one-on-one tutoring available on Fridays.
  • Learning Assistance is offered to support students who may need additional practice or targeted focus in their language training.
  • Short-term Support Counselling is provided to identify and address the needs of newcomers experiencing an urgent need for advice and support that can’t be addressed through referrals to MAGMA other settlement services.

Angela MacMichael, Language Manager

magma re-envisioned: one year later

Over one year ago, MAGMA invited the community to its Re-Envisioned event where the organization shared its vision and strategy for the Path Forward for better and expanded settlement services with the key objective of supporting newcomers as they embark on their journey towards a new life in our region. The organization renewed its commitment to newcomer integration and retention in the region building on an exceptional and rich four-decade long history of welcoming newcomers and setting them up for success, and the invaluable partnerships and support from and within the community.

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