Everyone’s Festival – A Vibrant Tomorrow.

During the MAGMA Re-Envisioned: One Year Later event, Alison Frise, MAGMA Managing Director and MOSAÏQ Festival Chair of Entertainment shared some details regarding the programming of this year’s festival. Frise shared what the experience of being part of the organizing committee, mainly as Chair of Entertainment, for the last three years meant to her on both a personal and professional levels;

“I am incredibly grateful for the guidance and collaboration of a regional and national network we’ve connected to through MOSAÏQ”.

Before sharing the key lineup for the festival’s first day, Frise talked about the effort and intentionality that go into making decisions and creating the programming of the festival and how diverse the program has been over the past two festivals. With an equally promising lineup this year, Frise unveiled that the MOSAÏQ Festival concert will start at 5 pm on September 7th with key performers featuring: Sophie Lukacs, Wolf Castle and Neon Dreams Frise added that as is the case every year, the festival will kick off with the popular Parade of Nations and that all activities and performances at the festival are for free.

Highlighting the importance of MOSAÏQ Festival and the great potential it continues to have, Frise added “MOSAÏQ will evolve and grow just like our region has and that future editions will continue to be opportunities to showcase diverse talent and partnerships from everywhere”. The Chair of Entertainment took a moment to express her appreciation towards Mario Antunes who joined MAGMA last year as a Special Events and Project Manager, but who has been working with the MAGMA team on MOSAÏQ Festival since 2022.







Photo by Alaa Fayyad
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