our vision & MISSION

learn. connect. settle.


Since its inception around a kitchen table by three community-devoted ladies over four decades ago, MAGMA has not ceased to grow in size, mission and vision spearheading the settlement sector in the Southeast Regional Area in providing holistic settlement services and setting the foundations to true integration of newcomers in the region.

Supporting newcomers and setting them up for success have always been at the very heart of the programs and services provided by MAGMA, and achieving real inclusion and a sense of belonging remains the guiding principle of MAGMA’s services and operations.


Leading the way in settlement, integration, and retention.


Supporting newcomers on their journey to settlement, integration and achieving a true sense of belonging.

We are determined, today more than ever, to delivering better and more inclusive services to a broader and more diverse community”.

Ron Gaudet, Chief Executive Officer

objective #1

Assisting newcomers on their settlement and integration journey in alignment with regional, municipal, provincial and federal immigration and retention strategies.

objective #2

Creating cultural awareness in both newcomer and host communities.

objective #3

Celebrating and share our diverse cultural values.

objective #4

Providing training and tools to help newcomers achieve their social & professional goals.

magma re-envisioned: one year later

Over one year ago, MAGMA invited the community to its Re-Envisioned event where the organization shared its vision and strategy for the Path Forward for better and expanded settlement services with the key objective of supporting newcomers as they embark on their journey towards a new life in our region. The organization renewed its commitment to newcomer integration and retention in the region building on an exceptional and rich four-decade long history of welcoming newcomers and setting them up for success, and the invaluable partnerships and support from and within the community.

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