Cross Cultural Training Parts I, II and III

  • This 9 hours workshop (divided into 3 parts) explores the many aspects of culture, the different styles of communication and explains the Canadian workplace
  • Through interaction, group discussions and activities, participants experience the possible barriers of diversity – but are then equipped with strategies to overcome them

Needs Assessment 

  • The purpose of this assessment is to discuss the successes and challenges our clients face when trying to enter into the local workforce
  • Through much group discussion, we pin point the specific barriers, and choose possible workshop topics that would beneficial for the group


Goal Setting 

  • Did you know? You’re 42% more likely to achieve a goal by writing it down? This workshop explains the difference between short, mid and long term goals – and helps students identify their own
  • By the end of the workshop, each participant should have a draft Goal Setting Worksheet prepared. This serves as a great starting point for succeeding employment counselling sessions

Canadian Job Fair Preparation 

  • Job Fairs are a great way to meet employers and network with other, like-minded, people. This workshop explains how to prepare for, what to do during, and how to follow-up after a Canadian job fair
  • The workshop is typically scheduled before a job fair occurs, so participants will receive additional support for resume writing beforehand

Hidden Job Market/Alternative Pathways 

  • Newcomers often face the challenge of foreign credential recognition. The position they held in their country may very difficult to obtain here. This workshop allows students to explore  other career options, if they chose not to pursue their first choice 
  • Through a program that offers personality and skills testing, each participant can create their own profile and generate up to 50 career options. They can select one of the options, and learn more about the career (salary, requirement, availability, testimonials, etc.) 

LinkedIn 101

  • Students are taught not only how to set up their accounts, but how to navigate strategically through this new-age networking tool
  • We explore how to present yourself, what to say, how to job search and what type of people to connect with

Customer Service Skills 

  • In a city with so little foot traffic, word-of-mouth is crucial for a business’s success. This workshop teaches the important of good customer service, and how to build and maintain a good reputation

Volunteering in Moncton 

  • A representative from the Moncton Volunteer Center offers our clients a workshop that explains how to register, but more importantly, the benefits of volunteering (as a networking tool)
  • Participants are explained how volunteering allows them to connect with various people from the community, and helps build their resume 

NB Employment Standards 

  • A representative from DPETL offers our clients a workshop that explains the labor laws of New-Brunswick
  • We go through all of the rules and regulations surrounding pay, vacation, leaves of absence, treatment, overtime, etc.
  • Participants are given a document listing all of the major points discussed in the workshop


  • Networking is an art. Learning how to approach people, create connections and make god small-talk takes practice and skill. This workshop helps define what is networking, highlights the importance of it (especially in our province), and teaches techniques to be successful 



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