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MAGMA helps empower newcomers with the skills, knowledge, and information necessary to become independent and successfully integrate into the local workforce.


Whether trying to find a professional or entry-level job, or open a business, we offer newcomers the advice, resources and guidance that are the keys to success. From understanding the expectations in the Canadian workplace, to the essential skills required to open a business, we provide training and support that match your individual needs and career goals.


We work to connect both jobseekers and entrepreneurs with industry professionals, associations, and our community, because we strongly believe that when newcomers succeed, we all succeed.


MAGMA wants you to integrate successfully into the local workforce as an employee or employer. We want you to find employment that matches your education, experience and skills or to be successful in starting a business that contributes to the local economy. The Workplace Integration Department has several programs that are designed to help support your needs:



Professional English Language Training (PELT)


This 16-week intensive employment language program helps internationally educated professionals integrate into the local workforce by developing their professional communication skills and understanding of Canadian workplace culture. This innovative program is delivered using a blended learning model, which includes face-to-face classroom instructions along with online learning.


It focuses on professional English language skills for the workplace, intercultural communication and Canadian soft skills. You will practice Canadian style resume/cover letter writing, interviews, presentations and networking. Participants are given a chance to participate in a mock interview with a local employer, and also gain volunteer experience. Students should be permanent residents with an intermediate level of English (CLB 5 or higher.)


Click here for course and registration information


Provincial Foreign Qualification Recognition Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups Project

This project is part of a provincial initiative that aims to create a number of Foreign Qualification Recognition (FQR) Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups, throughout various locations in New-Brunswick, to support the workplace integration of internationally trained immigrants in regulated professions.

Provincial Foreign Qualification Recognition Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups Project

The main focus of the Moncton Area Working Group, led by MAGMA, is to explore the existing pathways for credential recognition of selected regulatory bodies in order to recommend improvements; thus, encouraging a clearer, more transparent and timely pathway to licensure, and/or entry into the profession. This project is also looking at some alternatives, such as bridging/internship programs, or alternative careers, in collaboration with local employers who support the FQR process.

 This is a policy driven program and not open to clients.

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