Our Settlement Strategy

The Canadian story is one of immigration; from this we have learned that our nation’s success comes from building on the contributions of newcomers, adding their individuality and strengths to our own.


MAGMA acts as a bridge to ensure that newcomers feel connected, confident and integrated into their new community. We believe that having a place to live is just the start of truly feeling at home—not only a roof overhead, but a place filled with people fully participating in a new Canadian life.


Starting a Home

First thing’s first. Before anything else you need to find a place to live, and get the little life essentials taken care of. MAGMA therefore helps new arrivals through:

  • Orientating newcomers to their new community
  • Finding a place to live and connecting utilities
  • Setting up finances, such as banking and budgeting
  • Connecting to essential government and support services
  • Providing access to healthcare professionals and interpretation services
  • Encouraging participation in activities that integrate them with their new neighbours

Integrating Children

Happy families are at the core of a stable community, and the most important asset that newcomers bring with them is their children. In the face of falling birth rates, new arrivals add a vital component to our youth demographic to keep our region growing and thriving.


To make the transition easier, MAGMA helps in:

  • Working in partnership with schools to get the children successfully enrolled in school and language class.
  • Connecting graduate students to post-secondary universities and colleges
  • Getting children involved in activities that integrate them with Canadian children


In addition, to promote inclusiveness in schools MAGMA provides cross-cultural training for children and teachers alike. Click here for details.

Learning Everyday English or French

There can be no integration without communication. MAGMA therefore ensures all new arrivals have the support they need to develop their everyday language skills in English and French.


Click here for more information.

Working in English or French

Finding the right job or opening your own business is virtually impossible without specialized language skills. Therefore once the fundamental skills have been mastered, MAGMA offers language training geared towards job seekers and entrepreneurs.


Click here for more information.

Assisting Refugees

While most of our clients come here as independents, each year we also provide support to those whom Canada has taken in on humanitarian grounds under Citizen and Immigration Canada’s Resettlement Assistance Program. Often refugees come from situations where they've had little or no access to basic health services, education or housing. So in addition to the standard settlement orientation we also help them become members of their new community through specialized resettlement services such as:

  • Providing core life skills that Canadians often take for granted
  • Educating on transportation, nutrition and self-care
  • Protecting their rights and ensuring their safety

Becoming a Canadian Citizen

For more information on becoming a Canadian citizen, visit the government website.


Finding Your Cultural Association

Looking to connect with other members of your local community? Click here to find the local ethnocultural associations in Greater Moncton.

Getting Started web

Getting Started

Book an appointment to register as a MAGMA client by sending your full name and preferred meeting time and date to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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