Core Services

We want to ensure all newcomers have a chance to settle in, learn the languages, and get connected to their new community, all while staying connected with their friends and family back home.


Settlement Services

The Canadian story is one of immigration; from this we have learned that our nation’s success comes from building on the contributions of newcomers, adding their individuality and strengths to our own.


MAGMA acts as a bridge to ensure that newcomers feel connected, confident and integrated into their new community. We believe that having a place to live is just the start of truly feeling at home—not only a roof overhead, but a place filled with people fully participating in a new Canadian life.


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Language Essentials

At MAGMA, we understand that there can be no integration without communication. We therefore build fluency in a choice of English or French, providing free classroom learning and informal gatherings to practice newfound skills and connect with new friends and neighbours.


Through language, we all connect. We bring the languages of Canada to newcomers. They bring the languages of the world to Greater Moncton. Being able to speak with the world broadens our international network, opening new lines of communication, which expand commerce and opportunity. That’s how the world comes together.


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Specialized English Language Training

MAGMA helps empower newcomers with the skills, knowledge, and information necessary to become independent and successfully integrate into the local workforce.


Whether trying to find a job or create one, we offer newcomers the advice, resources and guidance that are the keys to success. From understanding the rights and responsibilities of a Canadian workplace to feeling comfortable with business language and culture, we provide training and support in fundamental job skills.


We work collaboratively to connect both jobseekers and entrepreneurs with industry, professional associations, and our community, because we strongly believe that when newcomers succeed, we all succeed.


MAGMA wants you to integrate successfully into the local workforce as an employee or employer. We want you to find employment that matches your education, experience and skills or to be successful in starting a business that contributes to the local economy. The Professional Language Training Department has several programs that are designed to meet these needs.


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Care for Newcomer Children

To enable families with young children to learn, we provide free childminding while their parents are in class.


This also helps our littlest newcomers to develop their language and social skills in a vibrant multicultural environment. We offer warm, comfortable and colourful surroundings as well as an outside play area, and spend our days in creative and educational play. We look to make each day with us another fun step in their journey to become part of their new home.

Information Technology Center

Whether in searching for employment, connecting to family and friends back home or learning essential workplace technology skills, the need for newcomers to become proficient in information technology increases daily.


MAGMA therefore provides an open Information Technology Centre, with over a dozen available workstations providing access to online services and the full Microsoft Office suite. In addition they can develop their communication skills though our language learning software.

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