Our Community Building Strategy

At MAGMA, we understand that integration is a partnership between the newcomers and the members of their new community. Therefore we have a range of activities designed to help create a community that has both the attitudes and the cross-cultural skills necessary to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment.



The greatest gifts any newcomer can give are the ideas, music, food, art and experiences that make up their culture.


MAGMA helps by setting the stage. We work with the various newcomer ethnocultural associations to showcase the best the world has to offer throughout the year from Black History Month to the Asian Heritage Gala. This culminates in the annual two-day Mosaïq Multicultural Festival, where thousands of visitors flock to experience the sights, sounds, crafts and food on offer, allowing a full immersion of the five senses in multiculturalism.


We also understand that having newcomers celebrate Canadian events is central to their appreciation of our values, heritage and traditions. The history and significance of holidays such as Acadian Day, National Aboriginal Day and Remembrance Day are taught in our class curriculum, and Canada Day sees many of our clients take the final step of integration as they proudly take their oaths of citizenship and take their places in Canadian society.


Greater Moncton is not just a place—it’s a continuing celebration of the world’s creative spirit, which lies at the heart of making it such a thriving, vibrant and cosmopolitan community.

Crossing Cultures Workshop

Integration is a partnership between new arrivals and those already at home here. MAGMA therefore works not just with the newcomers, but with the community to bring a more global view of life. The first step is educating both the public and the newcomers on how to understand and appreciate those who come from a different culture and world perspective.


Through our Community Engagement program we provide training to businesses, government departments and not-for-profit organizations, helping them build the skills they need to increase their diversity and successfully recruit the skill base and potential source of customers that is on offer.


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Creating Cultures School Workshop

As classrooms become increasingly multicultural and our outlook expands globally, our children need more and more support in understanding—and accepting—the differing cultures and points of view that accompany this shift. This also means the teachers are looking for fresh ideas and approaches in delivering their material.


Our fun and highly interactive cross-cultural educational workshop is designed to do exactly this, and is available for schools throughout the Anglophone East or Francophone Sud area.


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