MAGMA welcomes you to Greater Moncton. We are a non-profit settlement agency and
our mission is to help you set up your new life in Canada, settle down in your new city,
and succeed in your new community. We know from experience that you are excited
and probably a bit nervous too. This is normal. Of course, with COVID-19 we are not
living under normal circumstances, and we all have to do our part in protecting public
health. That is why MAGMA has put this welcome kit together for you. Along with the
newcomer guide, we hope you can use this kit to help you feel safe and comfortable
during your mandatory 14-day quarantine period. Free of charge, these extras are just a
little bonus to our regular services. We want you to feel welcome and promise to our
best to help you during your transition. MAGMA is pleased to be a part of your new
community family. No matter where you’re from, home is here.

For your information, you have been assigned a MAGMA Case Worker to help you out
during your quarantine period. He/She will be checking in with you daily to answer
questions and see how you are doing. If you need immediate assistance, you can
contact us at 506-857-9430.

If you find yourself in any type of emergency situation, you should immediately call
911. This number will get you quick help and can be dialled free of charge.

We all have a responsibility to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Attached you will a quick guide on how to self-isolate as well as a list
of symptoms and what to do if you are experiencing any of them.
Following these protocols are mandatory. If you break any of these
rules you may be forced to pay large fines and/or be faced with legal

MAGMA is happy to welcome you with a food box to help you out until you can get set
up with your own groceries. When that time comes, we suggest you shop online with
one of the many grocery retailers in the area. For more information don’t hesitate to
reach out to your Case Worker.
If you would like to order already prepared food, you can use SKIP THE DISHES. This is
an online service with access to most restaurants in the area. They can be found at:

Arriving in a new country can sometimes make people feel isolated and out of touch. A
mandatory quarantine period only complicates the picture. Please don’t forget to take
care of your mental health. For this reason, we are attaching some information, tips,
suggestions, and resources on how to stay physically active and mentally calm during
your quarantine period.

There are many different ways to start connecting with your new community and stay
busy during your period of isolation. Among them are two suggestions straight from us to you

MAGMA regularly offers English conversation classes free of charge to newcomers.
These are currently being offered online and you are welcome to sign up, meet some
new people, and practice your English in a relaxed atmosphere. If you are interested,
please contact your Case Worker for more information.

Another way of getting engaged and familiar with your new surroundings is to
participate in our free online training designed to help people from different cultures
and backgrounds communicate together. It is free and easy to participate. Just visit us

MAGMA has created a special WhatsApp group with you in mind. This is a great place
for you to connect with others, share information, and ask questions during your
quarantine period. If you would like to sign up for the group please contact your Case
Worker for information on how to connect!