A Word from the Executive Director

Welcome to MAGMA! I am glad you are here. I can’t be certain about what or how much you may know about our organization, but I am certain about wanting you to know that we consider you a part of what we do. MAGMA is not only about advocating for the success of new Canadians, but it is also about promoting the value and benefits of cultural diversity in all communities. By welcoming and helping people from around the world feel at home in the Greater Moncton Area, we are welcoming and helping opportunities to flourish in our entire region.

When I first arrived in Canada, long before working with the organization, MAGMA helped me feel at home here in the Greater Moncton Area. Now, as Executive Director, my goal is to help others feel the same sense of belonging that I do. In many ways, MAGMA is a welcoming agency for newcomers. But I – along with my dedicated team – want it to be more. We want MAGMA to be a meeting place for everyone that chooses or has chosen to make the Greater Moncton Area a part of their family. New, established, or somewhere in between. MAGMA welcomes you. Home is here.

Myriam Mekni